The following are some of the guides available at Blue River Anglers for guided trips. We also have many part time guides available who are not listed here. For more information about our guides and guided trips, please give us a call toll free at (888) 453-9171, or e-mail us at Thanks, Zeke at Blue River Anglers.

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Zeke Hersh

Zeke has lived in Breckenridge, Colorado since 1992. Originally from Washington State, he moved to Colorado for the fly fishing, mountain biking and snowboarding, among other things. Zeke fell in love with fly fishing in the mid 1980s in Washington State, fishing the Wenatchee River, Entiat River, Rocky Fork Creek and many others. Here he developed his passion for fly fishing as an art, science and sport. Following his dream to become a professional fly fisherman, Zeke founded Blue River Anglers in 1997. Zeke prides himself in his teaching skills, knowledge of local water, year-round guiding, overnight trip and float fishing expertise. Give Blue River Anglers a call at (888) 453-9171 to book Zeke for your professionally guided fly fishing trip.


Matt Arleth

Matt has lived in Colorado, off and on, for over 20 years. He began fly fishing Northern Colorado in and around Rocky Mountain National Park, and has since migrated south to The Summit. His favorite local rivers to fish are the Blue, Colorado and South Platte. Matt loves to float-fish the Colorado River! He has floated many of the West's finest trout streams and will be happy to share his knowledge with you. Matt takes great pride in his teaching ability. A high school teacher and baseball coach in the off-season, Matt is the guide you want if you're into History or Geology. Call Blue River Anglers at (888) 453-9171 and book a wade or float trip with Matt for a great fly-fishing experience!


Adam Nabors

Adam has lived in Colorado for eleven years. Orginally from the North Carolina mountains, near Asheville, Adam has much experience with the outdoors, hunting and fishing alike. As a true sportsman, fly fishing is in his blood. Adam manages Blue River Anglers in the summertime, as well as guides as much as he can. With great local knowledge, float fishing expertise and super enthusiasm, you will have a great time fishing with Adam. Adam can take you on any of our trips. Some of his favorites are the Overnight Trips and Float Trips. Give Blue River Anglers a call at (888) 453-9171 to book Adam for your professionally guided fly fishing trip.


Jim Smith

Jim Smith was born and raised in Golden Colorado. He has lived all over the state and, 7 years ago, found his way back to Summit county, where he now lives next to the Ten Mile Creek in Frisco. Jim started fishing with a fly at a very young age with his father and older brother. Jim learned the fly fishing way from his family and takes great pleasure in passing the Rocky Mountain fly fishing way on to others. In the winter time Jim is a full time snowboarding coach, and crosses his coaching over into his fly fishing guiding, coaching anglers to the fish and better fly fishing techniques. To book your trip with Jim, give Blue River Anglers a call at (888) 453-9171.


Matt Seering

We'll Miss You!

On a very sad note myself and all the folks at Blue River Anglers want to pay tribute to the loss of a friend and guide Matt Seering. Matt lost his life on Saturday April 5th in a tragic Sky Diving accident. I am sure many of you may have fished with Matt and you know how much he will be missed by all his friends here and by all of you who have experienced his love and passion for the sport of fly fishing. He was a great friend and asset to all of us here. He will be missed forever. So the next time you catch a fish or think about being on the water, take a moment to think of Matt and how lucky you are to enjoy the small beauties of life.
Everyone at Blue River Anglers

Matt was born in rural Wisconsin with a fishing rod in his hand. Landing his first fish at the age of 2, he was destined to the life long obsession of fly fishing. Matt spends approximately 150 days a year on the water and loves to introduce new people to the sport. He has the laid back personality, great sense of humor, and utmost patience that all beginning and experienced anglers will appreciate. For a great learning experience and fantastic day on the water, call Blue River Anglers at (888) 453-9171 and book your trip with Matt.


"Fisherman" Joe Kerekffy

Fisherman Joe caught his first fish on a Stone Fly nymph his father dug out of the Kings River in California at the age of four. He has been turning over rocks ever since. A multi species angler, Joe will specialize in whatever it takes to catch a fish on a fly. "If it swims, it has to eat, if it eats it has a mouth and I'll stick a fly in it." Fun, Solid Technique and a Good Sandwich guaranties you a good day on the water with Fisherman Joe. Give Blue River Anglers a call at (888) 453-9171 and book your trip with Fisherman Joe.


Jared Hawn

Jared has been fishing as long as he can remember, and at the age of ten he picked up a fly rod. Growing up in Iowa and fishing the trout streams in the northeast part of the state, Jared's passion for the sport grew. Moving to Colorado in 1991, then to Jackson, Wyoming and then back to Colorado in 1996 gave Jared great experiences fly fishing throughout the Rocky Mountains. Fly fishing for Trout, Bass and Pike keep Jared busy with the fly rod. In the winter Jared works as a ski tuner for the US Disabled Ski Team. Jared would love to show you a bit of Colorado and bit about fly fishing while putting you on fish. Give Blue River Anglers a call toll free at (888) 453-9171 to book your trip with Jared.


Ian Meader

As a Colorado native Ian, has been surrounded by fly-fishing all his life. Growing up in the Front Range, Ian was able to experience the best of Rocky Mountain fly-fishing. It’s not hard to see the experience Ian has accumulated over the years. From his innovative fly tying to hard work with a drift boat you can see his deep passion for the sport. One of the hardest working guides in the shop still doesn't stop Ian from fishing on his days off! Give Ian a fly rod or a pair of skis and you will be learning all day long! Ian would love to take you out and teach you a bit about one of his favorite sports, fly-fishing! Give Blue River Anglers a call toll free at (888) 453-9171 to book your trip with Ian.


Adam Boehlke

Growing up in Michigan, Adam moved to Colorado in 2006. Being from such a great fishing state Adam developed many of his fishing skills. From Kings, Steelhead, Trout and Bass Adam has fished for all kinds of species on a fly rod. With very few days without a fly rod in hand, you can easily see the experience and passion Adam has developed for the sport. With an easy going personality and his desire to be “on the water” a day with Adam is bound to be a great experience for anglers of all levels. For a great learning experience and fantastic day on the water, call Blue River Anglers at (888) 453-9171 and book your trip with Adam..


Nick Arnold

Nick is from Colorado and is currently a college student when not guiding or fishing for him self. Nick likes to say that he is a “college student with an extreme love for fly- fishing”. Or…. I mean a “fly fisherman with and extreme appreciation for school”. Nick was, introduced to the sport of fly-fishing by his father at the age of eight, after 3 years of snoopy pole experience. Nicks first fly-fishing experiences were in some of Colorado’s best high-elevated cutthroat lakes. These experiences reinforced a spontaneous impulsive reaction for a 9-foot graphite rod and oxygenated water. Shortly after experiencing his first tastes of fishing with a fly rod, Nick began tying flies at the age of 9. These experiences grew a passion for learning of fly-fishing. Nick spent a considerable amount of time reading up on diverse trout waters, gaining a good understanding in the art of building fly rods, and studying in-depth information regarding aquatic insects. You will notice that for Nick fly-fishing is not just an activity it is a way of life. All these attributes give Nick a highly rounded knowledge of the sport of fly-fishing. This knowledge, experience and great personality, make Nick a great choice for a one of a kind fly-fishing trip. To book your trip with Nick Give Blue River Anglers a call toll free at (888) 453-9171.